Many people suffer unnecessarily, when help is just a few clicks away. Since you are already visiting our web site, why not make full use of the opportunity. Your disorder does not mean that your life will never be the same again. In fact, in a way it may never be the same again – you could just find that the current situation can be remedied using proper treatment without suffering from adverse effects.

At the end of the day however, you have to make a decision to feel better. Remember that it is not only you who will suffer. Any mental or psycho-physiological disorder affects many people around you, most critically those closest to you – your family. It is vital that they understand how you feel and why you don’t respond in the loving manner you may have done before. Anyone with depression can testify to the following scenario: You desperately try to get attention from your wife / husband / closest companion, but your aggressive or non-responsive actions drive away the very person you want to be in contact with! This is a no-win situation.

What does this mean? Simply that in order for treatment to work, not just the patient, but also preferably the one closest to him / her should be part of the solution. Dr Hans will very likely ask you to bring along your husband / wife / partner / friend for the second consultation. This companion will have to understand what you are going through and as there are very little outward signs that something is wrong, will have to learn to notice seemingly insignificant changes in behaviour that indicate a downward slide towards the bottom.

There are thus three partners involved in the process towards recovery:

  • You, the patient, who will have to cooperate and be positive;
  • Dr Hans, the pastoral counsellor, who has to provide pastoral direction will also direct and refer you for medical assistance; and
  • Your support system : wife / husband / partner / friend, who wants to see you recover.

This will ensure that the no-win described above changes to a win-win situation.

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