Maintenance therapy is important and needed for people suffering from Stress and Stress Related Illnesses:

  • Patients with 3 or more Episodes
  • Patients with 2 or more of the following risk factors:
    • Family history of affective disorders
    • History of frequent episodes
    • Long duration of individual episodes
    • Poor symptom control during continuation of prescription
    • Onset after age 60
    • Double Depression
    • Comorbid anxiety disorders or substance abuse


    • Maintain a high index of suspicion for the presence of depression
    • Make remission (the absence of residual symptoms) the goal of treatment
    • A combination of treatments with different mechanisms of action may be prescribed when single therapy fails to produce remission
    • After remission is obtained, continue treatment for 4 to 9 months for all patients, and even longer for high risk patients (with 4 or more of the risk factors mentioned above)

Look at the graphical representation of the phases of treatment for major depression.

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